You’re here because you may have an issue that needs resolving, and we’re here because we love to help. Please see below for categories of common issues, and more specifically links to answers that will helpfully resolve them.

  • How can I access my course material?

    Once you have enrolled in one of our master’s degrees, you will be given access to our learning portal and will receive a username and password via email. All the material relevant to the module you are studying will be made available there.

  • Can I apply to a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma course?

    No. We don’t have standalone enrolments for postgraduate certificates or diplomas. However, if you enrol in any of our master’s degree and decide to exit the course, you can have a certificate if completing 4 modules and a diploma if completing 6.

  • Do I get credits on the free module?

    Yes if you then enrol into the actual master degree after completing your free module and no if you decide to only finalise the free module. It wouldn’t be fair with the other students paying full fees for the course and certificates.