At London Met Online, we want you to be able to make an informed decision when it comes to your finances, and we offer various payment options to make our courses as accessible and flexible as possible. We are happy to assist you and provide any further information that would be helpful in making the best decision for you and your circumstances.

Each of our course pages lists the fee information specific to that course Tuition fees are calculated based on your country, and whether you are choosing to pay by module or for the full course.

Full course or full module up front payment incurs a 10% discount for intakes in 2021-2022 for all regions.

Finance options for UK students*

Tuition fee loans: available to all eligible UK residents. Please see further information here.

Finance options for Australian students

Tuition fee loans: available to all eligible Australian residents as tuition fee loan from a private financial institution that has a current arrangement with  ECA Group. Australian Government Fee-Help is not available for these courses. Under tuition fee loan, we offer interest-free options, which are cost effective and affordable. Please discuss with our team for further details.

*Please refer to the UK Government Website for further information.